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Services Provided
  • Filter Bag Dust Collector (Engineering)

  • Filter Bag Dust Collector (Trouble-shooting)
    Performance Improvement

  • Filter Bag Dust Collector (Management)
    Computerized monitoring & Management System

It has long been commonly recognized that the filtration bag type of dust collector is the most effective tool in dealing with particle pollution and part of gas type pollution (desulphuration and de-acidification from emission).

Stated below are merits of this product:

※ Extremely high filtration effect (over 99.9%)
※ T Able to filter the dust particle in smaller diameter (0.3 )
※ T Free from being affected by the change of dust load
※ T Fully dried type without the worry of waste water
※ T Applicable to most particle pollution
※ T Simple in structure (almost non mechanical movement)
※ T Bigger tolerance for easier operation (free from manual operation)

Attributing to the progressive technology, the application of filtration bag type of dust collector is no longer used for ordinary dust filtering only like it used to be. With the elevated filtration bag technology, it is capable of successfully overcoming and solving the troubles (such as high temperature, moisture, acid & alkaline) which are difficult to be dealt with previously. For this reason, the filtration bag type of dust collector has been widely used in industrial production process and the elimination of gas pollution. Take the post-treatment of incinerator for example, now the method of fully dried or semi-dried removing with filtration bag type of dust collector has been used to replace the scrubber with electrical static precipitator (ESP) method being used previously and the cost is only half of the latter. With such, the use of filtration bag of dust collector is getting more popular like the boiler at power plant and urban city incinerators.

In choosing a filtration bag type of dust collector, followings should be specially taken into consideration:

※ Professional engineering company
※ T Sound performance
※ T Comprehensiveness of professional knowledge
※ T Coordination of contractors
※ T Secondary running cost (running cost, replacement of parts, maintenance…)
※ T Ability of undertaking of contractors
※ T Completeness of information from the contractor or limitation of the source of spare parts.

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