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Accessories / emission detector / EMP-7


The EMP7 utilises ISE technology. Each particle traveling through the process develops an electrical charge. As the particle passes or impacts with the sensing element, a current is induced which is processed in EMP7 by a method called Impulse Signature Extraction (“ISE”).

ISE technology extracts the basic characteristics (the “signature”) of the impulsive signals induced by individual particles in the gas stream. Since these characteristics are related to such things as the particle velocity, EMP7 is able to compute velocity as a parameter, and therefore to calculate the emission level as either mass flow rate or mass density as required. In addition, although ISE
technology processes the entire signal from the sensing element, its algorithm effectively negates the potentially erroneous effects of the DC component of the signal, so ISE technology shares all the advantages of existing AC Triboelectric technology.

Made a reality by recent advances in low power digital signal processing, ISE technology is as significant a step forward now as the introduction of AC Triboelectric technology was in 1992.

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