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Accessories / diaphragm valve / VE.VN-4xx Full Immersion

VE.VN-4xx Full Immersion

The Series 400. are only suitable /for low pressure systems, and are principally used for the cleaning of dust collector filters with compressed air. These valves have been designed to be assembled on filters and to be mounted onto a square header tank. They are called "full immersion" because they draw the compressed air directly from the tank. with higher pneumatic yield. By request they can be supplied complete with the blow tube- The valve is fixed to the tank with a special counter flange and living screws. The 2". 2 1/2" and 3" are all double diaphragm valves; the 1 1/2" model can be single or double diaphragm valve. The valves are constructed in anodized die-cast aluminum. to protect them from environmental and corrosive agents. The 400 Series is available in the following versions:
- VNP. with integrated solenoid pilot
- VEM.with remote solenoid pilot mounted in enclosure.

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