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Accessories / diaphragm valve / VE.VN-7xx High Flow

VE.VN-7xx High Flow

The 700 Series is a range of diaphragm solenoid valves for the cleaning of dust collector filters with compressed air. These valves, due to their inlet port larger than the outlet port by 1/2", create a Venturi effect by causing high speed and flow rate at the outlet. The inlet is provided with a square flange designed for the coupling with the steel counter flange (optional) and stub pipe which are welded directly to the tank. The outlet is equipped with a quick connection fitting for the blow tube. The valves are manufactured in anodized die-cast aluminum to protect them from environmental and corrosive agents. The 700 Series is available in the following versions:
- VNP, with integrated solenoid pilot
- VEM, with remote solenoid pilot in enclosure.

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