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Accessories / diaphragm valve / PRV8 Soleniod Pilot

PRV8 Soleniod Pilot

The PRV8 single remote solenoid pilot has been designed for the control of VEM type diaphragm valves.
The PRV8 can be installed on the interior wall of any control box located near the diaphragm valves. To install the PRV8 it is necessary to drill 22 mm hole DN in the control box wall. leaving the pneumatic connection (1/8") outside the box. Anchor the solenoid pilot to the wall with the locking nut. The pneumatic connection to the VEM diaphragm valve is made with a OD 6 mm. Pneumatic tube not longer than 2 meters in length. The electric connection is made inside the box by way of a IP65 connector with PG09 cable entry,
The PRV8 solenoid pilot is made of anodized die-cast aluminum.
This allows for a longer lasting protection against
environmental and aggressive agents.

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