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CXD Explosion Proof

The CXD explosion-proof solenoid casing is designed for those applications where the atmosphere may present the possibility of combustion. The CXD is both explosion proof and waterproof with EEx d IIB T5 and IP67 protection rating. This ensures that any spark, resulting from the electric activation of the solenoid, will be restricted within the interior of the case. according to CENELEC EN 50014-50018 and NEMA 4x, 7, 9 protection ratings. The CXD explosion-proof casings are CENELEC certified N° EX-93.C.118. The CXD Series is available in two models:
- CXD 1-2-3-4: from 1 to 4 solenoid pilots,
- CXD 5-6-7-8: from 5 to 8 solenoid pilots-Each solenoid pilot, energized in sequence, commands a corresponding VEM type diaphragm valve, by way of a 6 mm, external diameter pneumatic tube being less than 2 meters in length. The control consists in releasing the compressed air of the upper chamber of the valve and its piping. The CXD casings are complete with fixing brackets. All common terminals are pre-wired. The CXD solenoid base are made of extruded aluminum while the cover is in die-cast aluminum both anodized for protection against aggressive agents. The CXD casing features a common exhaust duct, located on the underside of the unit. The exhaust is open to the atmosphere and can be piped or muted with a silencer. For low temperature applications, enclosures are available with a thermostatically controlled heating device GRT that keeps the internal temperature at +4°C. The GRT is available in two models:
- GRT 70: for CXD 1-2-3-4.
- GRT 120: for CXD 5-6-7-8.

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