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Accessories / diaphragm valve / PX Exprosion Proof Soleniod Pilot

PX Exprosion Proof Soleniod Pilot

Mecair manufactures a complete range of explosion proof solenoid pilots for compressed air or inert gas, in the 2 or 3
way version (normally closed).
Bolts and screws are in stainless steel, gaskets are in NBR.
Operating pressure range from 0 to 8 bar.
The explosion proof pilot is certified EEx d IIC T5 and is also waterproof IP67. It also conforms to CENELEC Ex - 93.C.119 and is Nema 4x, 7,9 approved.
The two way (normally closed) explosion proof pilot type PXA 42F and PEX 42H is specially designed to be installed on diaphragm valves type VEM, The PXA 42F and PEX 42H explosion proof solenoid valve is designed for those applications where introduction of a spark may ignite the surrounding atmosphere. The PEX and PXA series has been designed and approved according to the CENELEC EEx d IIC T5 rating and is IP67 water resistant which ensures that any spark occurring within the solenoid, will remain restricted within the internal area of the enclosure, with no possibility of spreading to the external environment. Pressure range: 0,5 - 7,5 bar.

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