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Accessories / differential pressure monitor / DPT


The DP-METER is a unit designed specifically for filter house applications. It is similar to the DP-MINI, except for the addition of a second differential pressure set-point. The two are calibrated separately with the first set-point acting as the maximum differential pressure value and the second
set-point the minimum differential pressure value. Both set-points are adjustable with trimmer. The main component of the unit is a piezo resistive transducer,compensated in temperature.
A digital display indicates, in kPa. the present ΔP value in the filter as well as the adjustable maximum ΔP set-point value.
The particular electronic circuitry, allows to achieve an elevated accuracy.
Also available is an active 4-20 mA outlet for indication or reading the AP at a distance.
The unit is supplied with two filter house sensors to be applied to the walls of the filter, one sensor for the dirty air plenum, the other for the clean air plenum,
If you use the DP-METER as a differential pressure monitor with reference to the environment, you have to install just
one filter house sensor and Just one connection pipe.

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