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The electronic microprocessor sequencer model "MT" uses advanced microprocessor technology, expressly designed to control the interval and pulse time of diaphragm valves, focusing on reverse pulse-jet systems with pneumatic cleaning procedures. All the technical characteristics satisfy the "CE" Directives which relate to the various protections relating to the terminal board, respecting the distances on the printed circuit boards. Galvanic separation, etc. The product has therefore been tested by an authorized laboratory which have issued a ertificate which authenticates and verifies that the Mecair product conforms with the following European Regulations: 89/336 EEC and 93/ 68 EEC. The sequencer is available in the following versions:
Small enclosure: MT4 (4 outlets), MTS (8 outlets) and MT12 (12 outlets);
Large enclosure: MT16 (16 outlets), MT20 (20 outlets), MT24 (24 outlets), MT28 (28 outlets) and MT32 (32 outlets). The microprocessor sequencer contains a liquid crystal visual display which indicates the interval and pulse time, the number of cycles in the end cycle cleaning and the number of pauses between each end cycle cleaning. The unit automatically bypasses the loads not connected, allowing to command only the operative valves. There are two alarms: one for the short-circuit outlets, the other for microprocessor malfunction. The system can start up with a remote contact as well as by the switching off of the fan, to obtain the final cleaning cycle.

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