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Accessories / sequencer controller / MCS


The economist model "MCS" uses advanced microprocessor technology, expressly designed to control the interval and the pulse time of diaphragm valves using the ΔP and focusing on reverse pulse-Jet systems with pneumatic cleaning procedures. All the technical characteristics satisfy the "CE" Directives, which relate to isolation and low voltage power. The unit has been tested by an authorized institute and is in conformity with the European Regulation 89/336 EEC and 93/68 EEC.
The MCS is available with a minimum of 4 outlets (MCS4) up to a maximum of 128 outlets (MCS 128).
The intermediate models increment in multiples of 4 (MCS4. MCSS, MCS12, etc.).
The principle of the MCS is as follows: an internal sensor registers the progress of the ΔP in the tiller and when it exceeds the value of the set ΔP, the unit automatically sends a signal to the diaphragm valves in sequence (skipping the outlets which are not connected or where there is no charge recognized). The unit also allows you to set the MANUAL CYCLE TIME (this is the time it takes for all the valves to complete an entire cleaning cycle). This way you obtain the automatic regulation of the Pause Time between one valve and the next. All this is possible thanks to a sophisticated algorilhym. which is able to automatically optimize the Pause Time, starting from the set Manual Cycle Time. On the digital display of the unit, you are able to identify all the operating values, such as the Set ΔP. ΔP Alarm, Pause Time. Hour Counter. No. of cycles for Shut Down Cleaning and the relative Pause Time.
The Economist also has the PRECOATING function, which subordinates the start of the cleaning cycle until such time that a preset ΔP value for PRECOATING has been reached (this AP value has to be greater than the Set ΔP). This allows the filtering elements to overload with reagents and preparation powders. It is possible to set an independent value for the ΔP ALARM as well.

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