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Accessories / sequencer controller / MPS


The Economist "MPS'' is a Mecair developed electronic sequencer,with an integrated ΔP sensor. This updated version of the Economist "'MPS",has been developed exclusively to control the cleaning system in a Dust Collector Filter and incorporates advanced microprocessor technology.
All the technical characteristics satisfy the "CE" Directives.
The "MPS" is available in the version:
MPS4 (4 outlets), MPS8 (8 outlets), MPS12 (12 outlets), MPS16 (16 outlets).
The principle of the "MCS" is as follows: an internal sensor registers the progress of the ΔP in the filter and when it exceeds the value of the set ΔP,the unit automatically sends a signal to the diaphragm valves in sequence and the cycle starts. This function is recognized in the AUTOMATIC Mode.On the contrary, when you select the MANUAL Mode- the "MPS" works like a sequencer,using the preset pause lime. On the visual display of the unit,you are able to identify all the operating values, such as the Operating ΔP,ΔP Alarm, Pulse Time. Pause Time. No. of active valves and No. of cycles for Shut Down Cleaning.Also available is Hi ΔP Alarm (with relay excluding direct power) and a Remote connection.Only on request: 4-20 mA signal for external management of the ΔP value.

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