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Accessories / sequencer controller / ECK


The proportional economist "ECK" is designed for the command and the control of the medium size filter systems. It is available in two versions:
Small enclosure: from ECK 8 (8 outlets) to ECK 40 (40 outlets), with intermediate models that increment in multiple of 8 outlets:
Large enclosure: from ECK48 (48 outlets) to ECK104 (104 outlets), with intermediate models that increment in multiple of 8 outlets.
An electronic patented system commands only the outlets which are connected and the cleaning sequence automatically is suitable to the number of the valves connected. Also present is an active output 4-20 mA for the display or storing of the ΔP signal at a distance.
The unit implements the function of proportional economist: a proportional ΔP regulator with an internal transducer, when the ΔP is exceeded, commands the valves in sequence. The pause time is variable in function of the difference between the ΔP in the filter and the set value (proportional band). The digital display visualizes the following values: ΔP filter in Kpa, various set-point ΔP (regulations and alarms), pause time and pulse time. The unit can be programmed for the final cycle cleaning when the fan is switched off.
The ECK controls the valves in sequence. However, the interval lime is determined by the position of the actual differential pressure value within a predetermined ΔP proportional band. The system is a modulating controller, recommended for larger filter systems.

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