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About BFI
Company History
June 1976

Company founded
Capital: NT$3,000,000
September 1980

Completed the first dust collector for electric arc furnace in steel refining
Completed and started to use 8T, 4T dust collectors for electric arc furnace in steel refining at the forging plant of Taiwan Machinery Corporation
February 1985

Export to Thailand
Completed and started to use the dust collector for the rotary kiln of Thailand White Cement Plant succeeded from Taiwan Union Asia Company
March 1988

Capital incremented to NT$15 million
The capital was incremented to NT$15 million to meet the expanding business.
July 1988

Set up Kaohsiung liaison office
Kaohsiung liaison office was set up to meet the requirement of business and services of clients in southern Taiwan
September 1988

Launch of computerized operation
Auxiliary computer program and computerized document processing
February 1991

Additional diagnosis operation for dust collector
With years of experiences in dust collector, diagnosis for dust collector was added to provide a complete dust collector diagnosis service to the client.
January 1996

Completed several projects on the emission treatment for waste incinerators.
We designed, constructed and supplied the main systems for exhaust temperature reduction, de-sulfuric process and emission dust filtration with bag houses.
April 1996

A subsidiary of AACSE was established in the United
(Bag Filter International Atlanta U.S.A)
May 1998

Became a distributor of Southcorp Clean Air Systems Australia.
commencing the supply of components and cleaning systems to the markets with Goyen and Mecair brands of products.
April 2002

Formed Bag Filter International China
a Joint Venture with Gouangzhou Yuming Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Started market expansion in China.
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